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alien makers website colin hay website

Amazing site compilded by Dennis Lowe who worked on Alien, with documentary videos and in-depth interviews with practically all who worked on the FX for the film, and a wealth of behind the scenes photos.

Prolific book cover illustrator in the 70s and 80s, and still working today as a fine artist.
Colin provided invaluable help and encouragement throughout the building his Star Dwellers ship.

chris foss website dan mcpharlin website

The Grand Master of sci fi illustration, and still working on multiple projects to this day.
This is Chris's official website, and source for fine art prints and originals.

Dan is an Australian artist I came across during my recent model making exploits. Stunning illustrations in the classic 70s style, cute retro Lego spaceships, and some beautiful paper models of retro synths!

hr giger website stanley kubrick website

Official site for the late, great HR Giger.
Actually one of three official sites, and a fantastic collection of art, sculpture, design and writings.

This Visual Memory site has a Jupiter load of information on each of Kubrick's films.
Essays, interviews, reviews, behind the scenes archives and much more.

martin bower website peter elson website

Childhood hero of mine, Martin is a veteran model maker who worked on Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, Alien, Outland and many many other films and TV shows. His build diaries are fascinating.

Another all-time favourite illustrator and stalwart of the TTA books of the 70s and 80s. Beautiful colourful and inventive style, and masterful technique.
Sadly Peter passed away in 1998.

tony roberts website gerald wingrove website

More stunning vintage sci fi artwork, and a quirky eye for some very abstract spacecraft designs.
Also famous for his painting 'Double Star', which was controversially copied by a 'fine' artist.

Nothing to do with sci fi, but everything to do with model making. One of only a handful of craftsmen who could truly be said to be artists. His 1/10th scale vintage car builds will astound you.

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