Three books were huge influences on my early model making mind; Giger's 'Necronomicon', '21st Century Foss', and  'The Book of Alien' by Paul Scanlon and Michael Gross, which featured both artists in some detail.
I loved Giger's dark biomechanical look as much as I did Foss's brightly decorated organic spaceships.

betelgeuse giger model

'Giger's Necronomicon' book provided direct inspiration for this model made in about 1981.
The figure was sculpted in plasticine, moulded in plaster and cast in car body filler resin. Some of the structure is hand made from plastic card, the rest inevitable model tank parts.

Funny story about the book. I bought it off a friend at art college, who gave me a discount because he said his nephew has scribbled all over the inside cover. Unbeknownst to him the 'scribbles' were in fact a dedication to Giger from Salvador Dali, complete with signature, printed onto the title page!

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