Where did they come from?

These replicas are the culmination of teenage ambitions first dreamt up in 1970s New Zealand.

 They are taken from Terran Trade Authority books, published by Stewart Cowley in the  late 1970s and '80s, as well as selected Chris Foss illustrations. I approached Colin Hay, Tony Roberts, Chris Foss and the sister of the late Peter Elson, for permission to use their illustrations.

How did they get here?

Each ship is licensed from the original artist with a Certificate of Authenticity, entirely hand made, and unique.  I make plan drawings, small paper card test models,  refine with input from the artists, then make  the large scale version predominantly in sheet plastic, metal and resin. In true 70s Star Wars style there is use of model tank giblets for details. Finished with airbrush and home-made decals.

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and build diaries of their construction

Tony Roberts Illuminatus spaceship model visual Colin Hay The Star Dwellers spaceship replica Chris Foss Norman Conquest 2066 spaceship model


by Tony Roberts

The Star Dwellers

by Colin Hay

Norman Conquest 2066

by Chris Foss

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