"The first sign of the tragedy was a maintenance scooter with its grim passengers drifting away from the
dead ship."


I first came across this wonderful picture in Stewart  Cowley's 'Spacewreck' in the late 70's. I was fascinated by the mystery of the dead spacemen, and the nature of the small scout craft drifting lifelessly in outer space – like some open air midget submarine, blasted into a low orbit. I also love the awkward angularity, which posed an interesting challenge in recreating it.


My Star Dwellers replica is around 65cm in length, and has benefited from considerable input and encouragement from Colin Hay himself. The ship is offered for sale at £2,750, and comes with a 500mm x 420mm  giclee print signed by Colin Hay, and a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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The Star Dwellers

© Colin Hay 1978

Gouache & Airbrush ink

285 x 460mm

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The Star Dwellers

by James Blish

Sphere Science Fiction


by Stewart Cowley

Hamlyn 1979


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